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The Documentary is one of the most unique genres of film that exists today. You won’t find many documentaries in major cinemas, but you will find a tremendous amount of information in these films that cover virtually every subject that exists on our planet today. Documentaries about health, nature, or politics might make more money than other niche Documentary genres, but every film that is created deserves to be seen.

At least that’s how we feel! That’s the purpose behind Documentary Documentaries. We’re your source of free documentaries that are insightful, resourceful, and filled with wisdom. If you don’t want to pay $8 per month for an online streaming service, but still want access to great films, then bookmark this website today. You won’t be disappointed!

Documentary Documentaries Provides A-Z Coverage

You’ll find every niche genre of Documentary here. There are educational films, health-related films, and everything in-between. There are award winning documentaries that you can view for free on this website and there are documentaries that are fresh, new, and have hardly been viewed by anyone. If you want an amazing home cinematic experience, then be sure to browse through our extensive collection of free documentaries that you can watch right now!

Why choose to watch a documentary when there are so many other films that are available? These non-fiction films do more than just maintain a historical record or provide instructions on how to live life in better ways. The modern documentary shines a light into the darkness of a world that people don’t always want others to see. The documentary is a type of film that is constantly evolving, constantly unique, and that is because it can be made without clear boundaries or limitations on the content that it contains.

When was the last time you watched a great documentary film? With Documentary Documentaries, you can say that you watched one today!

A Greater Intimacy Comes From the Documentary

What makes this genre unique in cinema today is that there is more passion and intimacy in the images that are seen. Documentaries today often have a camera that is portable and that’s about it. The passion of the filmmaker can be seen with every footstep that is taken within the documentary and that draws the viewer in. It makes the viewer care. It inspires the viewer to make changes, to be apart of something, or to chase a dream. Not every Hollywood movie can do that!

At Documentary Documentaries, we also love this genre of film because it is genuinely authentic. There are no special effects to hide behind, fancy scripts to write, or scenes that need to be constantly rehearsed. The documentary is brutally honest and that’s what makes it such an intriguing form of art.

If you’ve got a few minutes in your day to fill, then we invite you to watch any of the free documentaries that you’ll find right here. At Documentary Documentaries, we believe that each film can spark an amazing and meaningful discussion that can lead to personal discovery. What will you discover today?