The African Conservation Center

The African Conservation Center documentary is a ten-minute documentary explaining the mission of African conservation Center in Africa. It was directed by David Western and it features tourists and the members of African Conservation center working with the local communities in Kenya, especially the Maasai community.

The African Conservation Center is seen to be moving around Kenya trying to help the Maasai communities in Amboseli to conserve their natural resources. It explains that there is a mutual coexistence between wildlife and human beings in the Amboseli National Park and holds that the Maasai community has a big role to play in order to ensure that they maintain a good relationship with wildlife and resolve animal-human conflict so as to sustain their mutual coexistence with the wild life.  Also it highlights the problem of poaching and shows local poachers being pursued by the wild life security agents in Amboseli.

The video further explains the existence of Mount Suswa which is a vital tourist attraction feature and shows how the mountain was formed through a volcanic eruption, resulting in formation of a caldera. The feature is shown in the documentary and is seen to be a very beautiful physical feature indeed.

The documentary also explains the efforts of ACC which is committed to the conservation of Kenyan natural resources. The ACC supported the building of the Sampu Camp which is viewed as a good camp for tourists who come to experience the marvel of nature in the local Kenyan communities. While promoting such tourism activities, ACC has also helped the local communities to conserve the environment through good use of natural water by digging up wells and drilling boreholes to provide water, a basic need for the local communities.

African Conservation Center is also viewed in the documentary to be committed to the conservation of energy and planting of trees to prevent soil erosion and degradation of the environment. It shows a woman who prepares her food using an energy-saving stove. The stove requires firewood and contains a section to keep food hot for a long period without using more energy.

Finally, it shows how the local communities are helped by the ACC to maintain their cultural heritage and participate in ACC charity. Members of the local maasai community are seen exercising their traditional and cultural practices such as traditional dances and rearing of animals.