The Ruins of New York

This one of a kind short documentary takes an in-depth look at the urban ruins in major towns in New York, and how various individuals turn these ruins into hidden treasures worth fortunes. The film is documented by renown media personality; Shawn Joswick. He documents the whole documentary taking viewers to various sites that have the potential of being hidden architectural treasures as well as speaking with some popular architectural salvagers. This includes Kevin and Evin who are interviewed in the documentary and show a piece of their work, and what it is all about. Urban explorer Joe plays a major role in making of the documentary.

The film was shot in 2010, May, in various areas of New York City. It was filmed by Justin Neumann and directed by Christiano Abrahow. Joswick starts of the documentary by giving a brief statement on how various ruins have turned out to be gold mines for a number of archeologically interested individuals, and especially in New York. He takes the viewers to Kevin’s shop in New York where the archeological salvager has placed most of his work among which includes artifacts from the Plaza Hotel and the JFK.

Kevin states that the artifacts tend to go for relatively high prices stating that one of them might go for as much as $17,500 depending on size and level of maintenance. Joswick also brings into perspective the fact that one’s understanding of architecture is the major element of this work. Glenwood Power Station that was shut down several years ago is another scene that Joswick finds rather captivating. Him alongside Evin, another architectural salvage, examine the area and trace some of its best hidden treasures.

Being quite old, Evin states that this job is rather risky due to the dangers one is exposed while at the field of work. The risk of floors caving in or walls collapsing is quite high hence exposing the workers to a lot of danger. This is one of the main problems facing most architectural salvages. For example the Grain Terminal that Joswick also visits alongside Joe, an urban explorer, is one very old industrial space. It is over 8 stories high and the risk of all eight stories collapsing is relatively high, as depicted by Joswick in the documentary.

Generally, Shawn Joswick tries to bring to light the kind of hidden treasures buried within New York, which only a few are aware of. From industrial spaces, abandoned apartments to rusted rail-lines; there is a lot of architectural treasure in New York.